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Prepping for Wedding Invitations for 2022

Invitation Tips

Wooo weee….alright, 2021! Many wedding vendors are still gasping for air with the intense momentum of postponements, mixed with newly engaged couples, trying to tie the knot this year. A lot has happened in the stationery world this year, and I am here to give a heads up on what to expect going into 2022 for couples starting to shop around for their perfect wedding invitation set.


I cannot stress this enough. Pre-Covid, I would work with couples’ around the 4-6 month mark. Now, it is around the 6-8 month mark to create a smooth designing process. If you are wanting to go the custom route to design your wedding invitations, I highly recommend you start shopping around this timeframe, if not earlier. If you opt to order invitations online, I feel the timeframes will vary, but still would recommend checking the production and delivery time from your order date to plan ahead. Since custom design is my world, I will focus on this aspect of wedding stationery for this post.

The biggest issue we are running into is shortages of paper from manufacturers. I am seeing quite a backup with popular wedding color tones like dusty blues, champagne, sage green, gold leaf and charcoal gray. Recently, my beloved gold leaf mailing envelopes With many manufacturers shutting down due to COVID, this has had a ripple effect for vendors getting paper supplies. Not only that, many printing and paper vendors had to shut down and are now short staffed after opening. With wedding events opening wide, the flood of invitation orders + short staff is making it hard to keep up with the demand. So again… just plan ahead. I do not want to write this to scare you and think you cannot get what you want for your invitations, this is not true. With the appropriate amount of time, your invitation magic will happen! I just beg you not to reach out and get frustrated if you need your wedding invitations in a month.


As a stationer, it is my duty to take care of you (with honor!) and handle the stress behind the scenes. If a specific paper or mailing envelope is no longer available, I WILL have a Plan B and a Plan C when I come back to you to help ease your mind. There are other options and just as beautiful solutions if something is out of stock for you. The beauty of working with a custom stationer is that we will provide you these options and you will not have to deal with figuring it out yourself. We have your back! I feel I am beyond lucky with the brides I work with, and luckily, they have all been patient and understand the craziness that still surrounds COVID and planning a wedding. Be patient with ALL your wedding vendors, we are all wanting to make your day incredible and will do everything in our power to make it happen. But like many other things, there are elements that can be completely out of our control in this crazy, COVID world right now.

Tip: If you get frustrated by an email from a wedding vendor, especially one that you were not expecting, please do not reply right away. Take time to let it sink in, take in a couple deep breaths while grabbing a cup of coffee (or wine…). Planning your wedding is extremely emotional, especially now and so much goes into it, but it truly helps when everyone treats each other with mutual respect and understanding 🙂 


I am telling brides to send out wedding invitations at least 10 weeks out, due to post office delays. Understand going in that some of your guests will receive your wedding invitation within a week, while others may take up to 3 weeks. With emails coming in from frantic brides, I completely understand the panic of thinking your wedding invitation got lost in the mail. Give it time. I know 3 weeks seems like a very long time, it is, but it will get to them!

Tip: Start with your wedding date, count back 10 weeks and send on the closest Thursday or Friday of that mark. That way, your wedding invitations get processed over the weekend and delivered optimally mid-week. It’s nice to have them arrive during the slower time of the week rather than bunched up with weekend mail, or on a Monday after bulk pieces are delivered due to no Sunday deliveries. This isn’t a must, just a little pro tip! 🙂 


Everything else remains the same with designing your beautiful wedding invitation! You can still opt to get custom wedding wax seals, beautiful silk ribbon, custom envelope liners and so much more. Wedding invitations don’t tend to be at the very top priority in planning, so I mainly hope this helps in giving a little push to plan out in advance to avoid stress once you do dig into to your invitations! Weddings for 2022 are all about looking inward and being intimate, truly reflecting you as a couple. I am seeing so many couples wanting to reflect this and give their guests a true feeling of how their wedding day will be. You can do that with paper with texture, with design, with the colors… every single piece has a mood and a vibe. When they are all put together, it truly can be magical.


Need stationery advice? I’d love to help! Sign up for an hour consultation call with me to go over a plan, a timeline and truly any questions you may have to help you on your invitation journey!

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