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Tools to Help Tackle Your Wedding in 2022

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As we approach closing out the year, I have been craving to provide you with more tools to tackle your wedding planning process. I know I am on the stationery world side, but I cannot help myself dabble into other areas and crave for you to ask me “soooo… do you have any recommendations on X, Y and Z?” I’m never shy to share what I know, at least for my local Columbus natives here in Ohio!

When I came across Gabby Pinkerton, I did her Weddings Pro’s Guide to Pinterest + Blogging (to my lovely wedding vendors, um, you NEED this) I knew I had to hop on the train for her other courses. I’m a bit of an information nerd, I can sit here at my desk for HOURS reading, listening and watching educational videos. Maybe in my other life, I was a teacher (or Professor… that sounds chic, right?) Anyways, my point is Gabby is now introducing amazing templates for brides, for you!! I was so excited to see these pop up and I could not resist sharing.

You are a visual person, I get it! I always create custom moodboards for my brides and now, you have a tool in your hands to make your own! What is a mood board exactly? Here Is an example:

mountain escape wedding mood board


It’s a fabulous visual to understand your color palette, as well as visuals to see how your wedding pieces will form together. For me, I use this to show wedding invitation textures, colors, how your paper will mix with silk ribbon or a custom wax seal color, etc.

Now, you can get your own Wedding Mood Board Template

I would love to see how it turns out, so feel free to share it with me @ThePaperVow on IG!

Okay, so we have the visuals out of the way. Let’s keep going.

Timing is everything, right? Gabby now has created a Perfect Wedding Timeline. I know I am not on the wedding side of planning for timing, but who doesn’t want to feel organized and in control… I better not hear crickets, I know every one of you do in this craziness right now in the world!

Okay, so last one, Wedding Venue Walkthrough Checklist.

This is something I feel I would not have thought about when I was planning my wedding back in 2011. I wish I had the tools then as you have now! I know wedding planning can seem stressful, especially in the midst of an ongoing pandemic, but I promise. there are tools out there for you to help! You are not alone, we don’t want you to feel alone!

So you have your wedding moodboard + your perfect timeline for your wedding + a checklist for walking through your venue, now you know what you need, right? If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s my most popular product! This will help you through every aspect of your wedding invitations, from the beginning, to the end. It includes what goes inside your wedding invitation, how to address your wedding envelopes, what wax seals are (trust me, you’ll love them) and so much more. Understand the pricing difference between shopping online for your wedding invitations compared to going with a custom stationer. Plus, I have incredible tips from pros in the industry that give their best advice, just for you.

ultimate wedding invitation guide

Okay, that’s it for now, go off with your new goodies and pour that glass of wine, my friend.

Oh, here is a new post as well about how to prep for your wedding invitations for 2022 during this craziness! I feel it’s a great one to read to mentally prep for your timeline!

xo, christy

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