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I'd love to personally be involved with your wedding stationery process. It's not just about a design on paper, it's about paying close attention to elements working together to tell your love story. No detail is neglected, from concept to final product.

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Below are some of The Paper Vow's best sellers, from wedding digital moodboards to help nail down your style instantly to the most popular mountain wedding invitation template to wedding vow books.

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I will not only create a beautiful invite for you to remember your day by, but I'll walk you through an experience that'll stir up excitement you didn't think you could have for your wedding stationery.

Luxury Invite Designer and Wedding Wax Seal Specialist


It was such a joy to work with Christy on my wedding invitations. She was beyond helpful, responsive and all around a huge help during our wedding planning. She is the sweetest and most caring person I have come across thus far in the process and it also helps that our invitations were absolutely perfect! 

"Our invitations were absolutely perfect!"


It was important to me that our wedding design included elements that we had never seen before. Christy took that and ran with it! Her ideas were so creative and so exactly in line with what we were looking for. How many guests take home their wedding menus as keepsakes? Ours did--that's how beautiful they were! Additionally, Christy was so responsive to emails and never left me guessing or waiting, which I learned very quickly is not always a given with a lot of wedding vendors. Not only is she super creative and professional, she is just a gem of a human.

“How many guests take home their wedding menu as keepsake? Ours did--that's how beautiful they were!”


The Paper Vow took the stress out of last minute details and delivered everything on time with exceptional quality! I cannot put into words how thankful we are for all of the beauty she brought to our day! Stationary is something that is too often overlooked but really brings life to a special day.

"Christy saw our vision and made it ten times more beautiful than we could have ever dreamed."