Working with a custom stationer gives you a certain level of confidence in creating your wedding stationery. Your options can be limitless and unrestricted when it comes to your main design. The Paper Vow saves you precious time and energy wondering what pieces go where, what wording to use and have everything taken care of for you.

If we've known each other awhile,  you'd know
I adore making you feel good, be your sounding board, give advice if you want it, and pour you a drink (when, of course, necessary.) My on-going creative brain mixed with the desire for the feel-good factor is the foundation of The Paper Vow. 


Stationery Designer,
Wax Seal Specialist, &
Hopeless Romantic. 

Hi! I’m christy townsend.

• Hearing you gasp when you see your invitation in person. 
• To design something for you that'll always remind you of this time of pure joy.
• The connections with my brides and giving support during this essential time of planning.
• Feeling like a part of family in this amazing wedding community and insanely talented vendors in it.

My Why

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