Raise your hand if you have gone to a conference or networking event and leave thinking "hmm, that was just okay." Anyone? It takes a lot to get the guts to even go to networking events, but leaving feeling unfulfilled is even worse, right? I've had many of those moments myself.

xo, Christy

01.25.24 at Jorgensen Farms

community, education and inspiration
for wedding professionals

The Collective Vow Workshop is more than just a networking event, it is an opportunity to be a part of the inspiration that fuels this wedding community!

Workshop expectations



Professional Headshots

Grab a new professional headshot from the crazy talented photographer, Jaclyn Fischer with Coley & Co. Coley & Co Photography is a professional Photographer that has been part of the Columbus, Ohio wedding and photography industry for 15 years. 

Full day of Education & inspiration

From morning to early evening, you will hear from industry experts to help elevate your business AND your mind for the 2024 year. Mix in ice breakers and breakout sessions to make connections that last outside the walls.

Boujee Lunch

Yes, no other name for it. Immerse yourself in a boujee lunch provided by the culinary experts at Jorgensen Farms. From their most popular items on the menu to off-menu specialties.

Inspiring Ambiance

You won't be stuck in a boring room all day. Surrounded by natural light, the new Arboretum venue at Jorgensen sets the stage for an inspiring ambiance. We will walk to their renovated Barn for lunch to mix things up!

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After a decade being in the wedding industry designing wedding invitations, the biggest thing I have learned is the importance of vendor relationships & confidence. To shake things up here in Columbus, I am bringing together wedding pros for a day of pampering & connection. Let's fill your cup with useful knowledge you can use immediately for your business.

Not only will you to walk away with confidence to take charge of your business for 2024, but for YOURSELF.

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The speakers

"Professional Burnout in The Wedding Industry: How to Recognize, Prevent and Manage."

Yes, the struggle is real. But Alex will tell you a secret-- Not only is balance possible, but it’s quite a bit of fun. What’s more, by finding balance and satisfaction in your personal life, you can perform better in your career.

We are so honored to have
Alex joining us and fly in from
North Carolina!

"The Most Important Story
You Tell."

Sarah empowers individuals and businesses with Dr. Angus Fletcher’s pioneering theory of creativity. Known for bringing clarity and individual attention to her workshops, Sarah will inspire you to unearth and deploy the story that makes you resilient and uniquely able to drive change in your organization and yourself!

"SEO Basics for Your
Wedding Business."

Wedding SEO expert and geeky best friend to creative wedding pros. Sara helps wedding professionals reach rockstar status on Google.

Recent stage presenter at the Wedding MBA in Vegas, Sara will be tuning in to do a virtual training. SEO isn’t scary or technical. You just need to learn what search engines are looking for! In this session, we’ll identify the best practices that can increase your SEO ranking and give you the first-page results you desire.

"Talk of the Town."

Carin Hunt is the CEO of Celebration Pros, an empowering space for wedding professionals to build businesses worth celebrating through her hands-on "Champagne Logic" approach! Carin's insights have been featured in Destination I Do, Rising Tide Society, Today.com, and other major publications. Through the vehicles of community leadership, podcast hosting, and speaking, she is ignited to share her own entrepreneurial experiences and learnings. 

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