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A Boho Animal Inspired Wedding

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Welcome to the enchanting world of boho elegance in Columbus Ohio, where luxury met a unique boho vibe. I am thrilled to share the captivating love story of Peyton and Danny, who seamlessly blended their passion for the beauty of nature and animals with the refined charm of an elegant affair. Their wedding celebration was a symphony of earthy tones, whimsical pampas grass, and a touch of wild inspiration including tropical leaves. The day was beautifully orchestrated by the talented Jennifer Kontomerkos with The Finer Things Event Planning. The wedding invitation along with day-of details were beyond fun to design to go along with a pampas grass, earthy tone.

Pampas grass wedding invitation with trifold

When Jennifer first introduced me to Peyton, I ended up meeting up with her mom at her house to go over wedding invitation details. Immediately, her home felt warm and cozy and you could tell instantly this family loved and adored each other. Her parents were wanting to do everything they could to make a magical day for their daughter. Then… COVID happened and things got shaky. We did a “Change the Date” card and even still was on edge about the original venue being open… this loving couple just wanted to say their “I do’s” with loved ones and it seemed like an impossible task in the moment. After changing the venue, the wedding vendor team whipped together to make the vision come to life, and boy did it!

The details for this zoo animal vibe were creative and memorable. Afterwards, the mom reached out to me to ask about how to keep her daughter’s wedding invitation as a forever keepsake and decided on an acrylic serving tray, with the custom invitation on the inside! It was beyond fun!

Photographed by Kimberly Potterf Photography

Hexagon Wedding Menu for Reception

Setting the Scene:

After overcoming many obstacles due to COVID, the couple had to switch from the Columbus Zoo to the gorgeous venue at The Fives, a wedding venue that is nothing short of a fairy tale setting. A picturesque view of the city of Columbus, adorned with florals by Dalay Ket Events and candles, provided the perfect canvas for memories to be made.

Tropical Leaf Wedding Welcome Sign

Boho Animal Inspired Décor:

Drawing inspiration from the untamed beauty of the animal kingdom, every aspect of the décor exuded a sense of organic charm. Soft earthy tones with intricate animal motifs added a playful touch to the design. I believe my favorite was the gold animal escort holders to make a guest table statement when guests arrived.

Find Your Party Animal Sign with Escort Cards
Gold Animal Escort Card Holders on Guest Table

Celebrating Love and Connection:

The tables were adorned with a mix of elegance and wild tropics. The pampas grass mixed with tropical leaves was a sure jaw dropper. A pair that mixed together so beautifully and a refreshing take on an animal theme with luxury.

Animal Table Number 2 with Gold Penguin
Tropical Leaf Wedding Chair with Florals Tied to it

A Lasting Memory:

In the end, Peyton and Danny’s wedding was more than just a celebration of love—it was a testament to the power of connection, the beauty of the natural world, and the timeless allure of boho elegance. It was a day filled with laughter, joy, and unforgettable moments—a day that will be cherished in their hearts forever. Congrats to the couple!!

Beautiful Spinning Bride in a gown outside The Fives Venue

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