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Mountain Wedding Invitation Ideas

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In the realm of wedding trends, couples are increasingly drawn to unique and breathtaking settings that reflect their personalities and passions. One such trend is providing a unique guest experience, and one of my absolute favorites is jumping on a chairlift with a glass of champagne… I mean, come on! Picture exchanging vows against a stunning backdrop of majestic peaks, surrounded by the crisp mountain air and the serene beauty of nature. If you’ve chosen to say “I do” within the cozy pines or snow-capped peaks, it’s time to ensure every detail of your wedding reflects the magic of the mountains, starting with your perfect wedding invitations.

Matching Invitations to Your Mountain Affair

Your wedding invitations are the first glimpse your guests will have of your mountain wedding celebration. You hear this often, but I’ll say it again and again…When your guest opens your invitation envelope, will it excite them for the day? Already start to pick out their outfit? The point of matching your vibe with your wedding paper is to bring up an emotion before they even see you at the alter.

(Photography by Shannon Volmar Photography)

Make it count by selecting invitations that capture the rugged charm and romantic allure of the mountains. Here are a few ideas to guide you:

  1. Nature-Inspired Designs: Choose invitations that incorporate elements like pine trees, abstract mountain silhouettes, or a watercolor mountain nature scene. Nature-inspired designs set the tone for your mountain celebration, creating anticipation for the enchanting experience that awaits.
  2. Earthy Color Palettes: Opt for earthy tones that mirror the natural surroundings. Deep greens, rustic browns, and snow-inspired whites evoke the mountain atmosphere and create a cohesive theme that extends from the invitations to the wedding day itself. A popular one you just can’t tire of is sage green accents or use of a sage green wedding envelope with white ink. Opening a mailbox to show a touch of nature inside will surely get your guest excited to open up your invitation.
  3. Textures and Finishes: Consider invitations with textured paper or finishes that mimic the feel of natural elements. This adds a tactile dimension to your invitations, enhancing the sensory experience for your guests and reinforcing the mountain vibe.
  4. Adventure-Inspired Typography: Play with fonts that convey a sense of adventure and excitement. Think bold, rustic lettering that captures the spirit of exploration, or a playful whimsical font that feels like you are running through the forest, hand-in-hand, like you will the rest of your life together. Adventure awaits!
  5. Personalized Touches: Infuse your personalities into the invitations with personal details. Include a snippet of your love story or a quote that resonates with your journey. The best place to add these elements is a custom mountain wax seal, earthy toned silk ribbon to tie around your invite or an envelope liner that shows exactly where you will say “I do.”
Mountain wedding invitation inspiration from The Paper Vow and Zola.com

Wrap it up in a bow

Ready to bring the mountain vibe to life through your wedding invitations? Check out the below mountain wedding invitations that you can customize with The Paper Vow as well as explore designs I’ve crafted for Zola.com. By selecting a design created for Zola, you still support this small business in a big way!

Elevate your love story with invitations as breathtaking as your chosen backdrop.

  1. My most popular Serene Mountain Wedding Invitation here
  2. Mt. Baker Wedding Invitation here with hand painted abstract mountain by Heidi Farina
  3. Retro Mountain Wedding Invitation on Etsy
  4. Pinehaven Wedding Invitation on Zola.com available in 4 colors, along with matching details!
  5. Cedarcrest Wedding Invitation on Zola.com available in 4 colors, along with matching details!

Drop a comment below on which one you love the most!

To begin creating your custom mountain wedding invitation set, please check out my Custom Invitations page for my process, or begin the process here. I adore designing for couples’ out West, so don’t let it fool you with me being in Ohio! I have worked with numerous couples’ with some fabulous wedding planners such as TeNeil Hartley Events and Karen Steele with Tahoe By Design.

xo, christy

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